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Learn how to get your recommended 7-8 hours of sleep. Give yourself extra zzz’s with Melatonin, Valerian Root or Lavender.


Sleep is a hot topic of conversation right now, and it should be! Sleep is an essential lifestyle factor that contributes to overall health and wellness. Without going too deep into why, sleep imparts mental and physical health benefits, affecting emotional well-being, cognitive function, daytime performance, and physical health. Short sleep duration, meaning less than seven hours a night, has been associated with an increased risk and incidence of cardiovascular disease, increased inflammation, heightened emotional reactivity and reduced attention, memory and executive cognitive function.

So how do you start your very own sleep revolution? If you do not want to use over-the-counter and prescription medications, some natural tricks of the trade along with having some calming aromatic evergreen shrubs, like Lavender may be your answer!

Lavender has been traditionally thought to have a variety of therapeutic and curative properties, including being an excellent natural remedy to help with insomnia and improve sleep quality.   

At one time, people suffering from insomnia and other sleep disorders would stuff their pillows with lavender flowers to help them sleep. Today however, we have some different options, so whether you have fresh plants in your home, or use as an aromatherapy, massage oil or calming tea, lavender along with having a pleasant aroma, may help you catch those much needed Zzzzz’s.

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