A Good Tip to Destress

Stress As a Chronic Condition

Stress is something that almost everyone deals with on some level.  According to the National Library of Medicine, stress is described as “a feeling of emotional or physical tension” and occurs when an “event or thought makes you feel frustrated, angry or nervous”. Many people today feel stressed out on a regular basis, which may lead to health issues such as obesity and high blood pressure.

Take Control!

It is very important that you have tools and practices to negate the feelings of stress you might have. These can be as simple as taking a short walk and deep breaths to unwind or doing something more involved such as practicing yoga or talking to a therapist who can help you manage how you are feeling.

Some vitamins and minerals have been found to help the body calm, such as magnesium. Magnesium is a mineral that is essential to many body processes—and we don’t always get enough of it. Magnesium can be helpful in stress management by reducing the production of Adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH), which can promote adrenaline and cortisol release, causing the body to be put into a tense state. By regulating hormones with magnesium and other destressors, you can feel less stress and physically, mentally, and emotionally better.

Magnesium in Food

There are many foods that can help you get more magnesium in your diet—and less stress in your life. Dark chocolate, leafy greens like kale or chard, nuts, legumes, seeds, some fatty fish, bananas and whole grains are just some of the delicious ways you can eat your way to feeling more calm and peaceful each day.




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