Activated Charcoal

There has been an increased amount of conversation in the wellness world regarding activated charcoal and its detoxifying properties. It is now easy to find incorporated into food or drink products in health food stores and has become a trendy supplement on the market. But does it truly help our health as many claims say? Lets find out.

Original Use

Activated charcoal was previously most common for being used under watch of a medical professional in emergency situations where a person was overdosed, or had poison in their system. It stops absorption in the stomach of certain substances, but cannot be used in all cases, as it can’t stop absorption of ALL substances. 

Common Claims

The most common reasons that consumers turn towards activated charcoal are for detoxifying, digestion aid, and gas relief. Supplement companies also claim that it can help with brain and heart health. On the other hand, opponents of activated charcoal say that while it does bind to certain compounds to detox, it can also take away important essential vitamins and minerals that your body NEEDS. Activated charcoal can also be found in pill and powder form, and even in some toothpaste brands. 

In Conclusion

Ultimately it is up to you to choose what to put into your body, but it’s also important to consider other options for detoxifying such as limiting sugar intake or avoiding fried foods and alcohol. There are many ways to practice living a healthy lifestyle with or without strong supplements such as this one, but if you choose to include supplements, make sure to consult with your doctor before starting use.


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