Staying Home and Staying Healthy

While the majority of the population remains at home continuing to work or finding projects to keep busy, it’s important to remember to stay physically active and to take care of our bodies. This can be challenging if the local gym is closed or you don’t feel comfortable meeting up with your usual exercise partner. Although there are activities such as Frisbee or tennis where you can appropriately social distance, here are a few ideas to stay active and promote health while remaining close to home.

If you’re used to spending time in the gym each week, it can be challenging to feel like you’re getting as good of a workout at home as you might in the gym. Although it can take some innovation, it is possible to get great exercise without visiting the gym and using common household items instead. Depending on the amount of weight you’re looking to use, anything from cans of soup to refillable gallon water jugs can help you break a sweat and get your heart rate up! Have stairs? You can use these to do sprints and get a bit of cardio work in. If you need a challenge try wearing a backpack for added weight. This can be an effective practice for lunges or squats as well. The point is to get creative with what you have on hand in order to get some activity in each day and to feel good about it!

In addition to exercise, making an effort to prepare foods that fuel your body can have a large impact on your overall health. Certain studies have shown that starting the day with a breakfast that has a low glycemic load, one that won’t raise your blood sugar dramatically, can aid in greater attention span and memory ability during the day. Fuel yourself with proteins and fats to keep you satiated, low sugar protein shakes or smoothies, or try whole grain oatmeal for added fiber. 

Having healthy snacks and drinks like iced tea available at home is another great prep tool to have done in advance. Fruits such as berries, melon, and apricots are more readily available in stores as we head into summer months, as well as tasty veggies like snap peas. When paired with dips such as tzatziki or hummus you will find you have put together a fantastic snack to get you through the day. Remember that it’s worth putting in the effort to take care of you, to stay active and to eat well, even during stressful times when it may be difficult. 


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