The Immune System is on Your Side

Heading into cold and flu season, it is important that we do our best to keep ourselves healthy to avoid bacteria and viruses that can invade and depress our immune system. Our immune system is one of the most intricate systems within our bodies. It builds antibodies to ensure we have the ability to fight against foreign substances that have potential to make us sick. Our body’s immune response also tells us to stay away from certain materials that cause a bad reaction. It truly does keep us safe! 

When your immune system is strong, so are you. There are many ways you can support this system in order to effectively remove bacteria and viruses. These include getting a wide variety of fruits and vegetables in our everyday diets, getting plenty of exercise each day, refraining from smoking, drinking in moderation and getting enough sleep. Each healthy habit that we work towards will strengthen our immune system.

In addition to fighting off cold and flu bugs, our immune system also responds in the form of allergies. Those who suffer with seasonal allergies or specific allergies know how uncomfortable they can be to deal with. Allergy response can come in the form of itchy, watery eyes, inflamed skin, digestive upset, or inflamed airways that can lead to anaphylaxis. Common allergens include certain foods, insect stings, medications, and particles found in the air such as pollen and pet dander.

With all that our immune system does to protect us, you might start to think more about your daily practices and how they support your body. Some ideas that might work for you are to reach for a banana or some carrots instead of potato chips and fruit snacks, or go for a walk around your neighborhood after dinner to get some extra steps in for the day. You might try drinking a cup of tea before bed to help with sleep and get extra hydration before the days end. The ultimate goal is to take care of your body for improved overall health.


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